I use code as tool to solve quantitative problems in applied ecology and sometimes for a fun side project. I mostly use the coding language R.

Below are some examples. 


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Population modelling

I have developed and coded population models for several research projects including:

  • How to effectively management an endangered species considering its interaction with its main predator (Stringham & Robinson 2015)

  • Incorporating disease transmission into a population model for an endangered bat species (Malso et al. 2017)

GitHub for bat population model: https://github.com/ocstringham/indiana_bat_pva

web scraping

I developed custom web scrapers to survey online exotic pet stores for: species for sale, price, and retail size or age. I built the web scrapers in R using the package RSelenium and rvest (Stringham & Lockwood 2018). 

GitHub for web scraper code: https://github.com/ocstringham/pet_store_web_scrapers 

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machine learning

I used the machine learning technique - boosted regressions trees - to analyze broad scale economic and biological patterns among released exotic pets. I used the R package gbm and dismo to perform these analyses. (Stringham & Lockwood 2018)

Code and data for model can be found in the Dryad Repository: https://doi.org/10.5061/dryad.j2n732c

Twitter bot

For a fun project, I created a twitter bot :) It's programmed to tweet two random lines from the Broadway musical Hamilton, twice a day. Most tweets are nonsense, but occasionally the random seed generator selects something fun. 

Visit the twitter page: @RandomHamilton_

GitHub page: https://github.com/ocstringham/random_hamilton_twitter/

**The twitter bot is currently offline.